Data Processing Clerk

Posted: 11 months ago

1-3 Years PC keyboard proficiency. Typing/data entry (40 w.p.m.). Good organizational skills, basic analytical skills, detail oriented and accurate. Understands how to read contracts. Ability to prioritize and work independently. Experience with digitizing files a plus. Experience on the NBCUniversal Lot a plus.

MUSIC FILES DIGITIZE PROJECT: • Review Titles from report where rights are cleared ww in perpetuity and Logging of titles into Desksite in preparation to identify their location when sending to storage. • Load rights memo into each Product name in Desksite along with the box number. • Box all of the files that are being sent to central files and identify them by the box number thru Versatile. • Send the request for files to be picked up by central files once boxes are completed. CONTRACT/AMENDMENT DIGITIZE PROJECT: • Moving of files to various locations where the work will be performed. • Filing of lose correspondence into files. • Reviewing Documents to determine whether deal has expired. If expired check for outstanding moneys or ROS commitment. • Check SAFE to verify if all documents have been digitized and if not, scan and Digitize the documents in the file into SAFE and Desksite where appropriate. • Place the Expired files into boxes and identify the files box numbers thru Versatile and include box numbers into Trapp in order to send to central files. • Send the request for files to be picked up by central files.

Comments/Special Instructions
Music files project will load titles into system and box everything up. Contracts and Amendments project requires understanding of how to read contracts and being detail oriented. Thank you