DevOps - Android Build Engineer - Menomonee Falls, WI

Posted: 8 months ago

Role: DevOps - Android Build Engineer
Location: Menomonee Falls, WI
Duration: 6+ Months

Job Description:
Must Have Skills:

  • iOS/Android/mS code signing, Apple Developer Accounts, git, Bitrise, fastlane, TestFairy, HockeyApp, TestFlight, TestFairy, Programming in one or more is must : Shell, Ruby, Javascript, HTML, C#(Preferred), C++, Objective-C or Swift, Java or Kotlin

Job Roles/Responsibilities:
  • Software configuration management, - Project Configurations (iOS/Android/mS code signing, Apple Developer Accounts), source control configurations (git, GitHub, GitHub Enterprise)
  • Continuous build and deploy configurations, CI & CD configurations (Bitrise, fastlane), manage integrations with deployment platforms (TestFairy, HockeyApp, TestFlight)
  • Facilitate and document integration points between mobile apps and Cloud services (HTTP) & Bluetooth, C++ libraries.
  • Setup and maintain tool integrations: GHE, Slack, Bitrise, TestFairy
  • Release Engineering: Release notes, versioning, archiving builds, production release
  • Global Deployment: Native apps display "In-App Help web views for multiple languages.
  • Identify and manage tools that facilitate development and release management
  • Assist with managing developer machine configurations and setups (environments, installs, project setups)
  • Programming in one or more is must: Shell, Ruby, Javascript, HTML, C#(Preferred), C++, Objective-C or Swift, Java or Kotlin
  • Ability and initiative to document processes and tooling.
  • Document open source and third party library utilization
  • Facilitate versioning for product requirements, design artefacts, jira tickets and builds
  • Manage business requirements
  • Obtain legal approval for open source libraries being utilized
  • Facilitate data security processes and documentation
  • Facilitate audits and reports (log quality & coverage, accessibility coverage, unit test coverage)