Enterprise Architect

Posted: 7 months ago

Enterprise Architect || Newark , NJ || Full Time/Contract
An enterprise architect (EA) takes a company's business strategy and defines an IT systems architecture to support that strategy. An EAs must understand a company's business and be able to dive deeply into technology issues. In recent years, the role has moved out of the banking industry to pop up all over the corporate universe as companies move to align business goals and the IT infrastructure that supports the business and helps achieve those goals.

With more than 50 percent of IT projects typically not achieving their stated goals, having someone to ensure a company's technology objectives are aligned to its business goals is vital. The EA role becomes more important as companies adopt service-oriented architecture (SOA) approaches toward application development. To realize significant cost savings with SOA, issues of software quality and reusability are key. An EA must be able to see whether the application has been built with quality and with reuse in mind. "They don't need to know how to program, but they need to be able to recognize patterns,"

Key Responsibilities: • Definition, implementation, and execution of the processes for the definition, maintenance, and conformance management of the Enterprise Architecture. • Update and maintenance of the key Enterprise Architecture deliverables. • Establishment and maintenance of contacts within business units and information system programs to understand business activities and business drivers, business requirements, solutions strategies and alternatives, etc., being considered and/or implemented. • Architectural leadership in the resolutions of inter-program and inter-project issues. • Ongoing publicity and communication of the Enterprise Architecture both within the information community, and the business units. • Ongoing research and assessment of new analysis approaches for potential use within the Enterprise.

Specific Duties:

• The Enterprise Architect is responsible for the development or coordination of the following deliverables: • Developing the Enterprise Architecture • Coordinating all Enterprise Architecture activities locally and globally • Developing and coordinating Architecture Plans • Assisting in aligning business and enterprise initiatives with the Enterprise Architecture • Auditing compliance within the Enterprise Architecture standards

• Serving as advisor to senior business management on business and information integration strategies • Strategy Development Competencies • Influencing business strategy • Translating or mapping business strategy into information strategy • Understanding technology product and vendor strategies, products, and customer preferences • Understanding, modeling, and representing the organizations business requirements in a human consumable manner, as it relates to strategy

Organizational Competencies • Communicating with business and technology leaders, both within and outside the organization • Understanding the business needs for solutions • Influencing the organization to accomplish goals and needs through architecture activities • Being viewed as the trusted advisor to the organization • Building an effective architecture organization • Understanding developers needs in parallel with business needs

Modeling Competencies • Demonstrating abilities to derive, define, and explicitly represent various artifacts within The Enterprise Framework. • Understanding the meanings and relationships between various models. • Developing and maintaining project level and Enterprise level model consistency and integration. • Technology Competencies • Understanding of appropriate technologies • Developing methods and techniques for modeling technologies