.Net Stack Developer - Ephreta, Pennsylvania

Posted: 4 months ago

Role : .Net Stack Developer
Client: Ephreta, Pennsylvania
Duration : 4 Months

Job Profile ========= • Documentation of existing Applications and 3rd Party Interfaces • Front end development for Customer Oder Entry System using ASP.Net and JavaScript (front end work is very less) • Backend development in SQL Server 2008 and onwards using database objects like Stored Procedures • Integration of existing application with 3rd Party Interfaces using C# code • EDI work Skill Requirement =============== • Mid-level Developer • Legacy ASP.Net with C# (May be ASP.Net 2.0 or ASP.Net 3.0) • Strong knowledge of C# for integration of existing system with 3rd party interfaces • Strong knowledge of Database objects like Stored Procedure in SQL Server Database ( SQL Server version 2008 and Onwards) • Java script • Must be good in Documentation (Part of Job profile is to document existing applications and 3rd party Interfaces) • Nice to have MVC skills (Customer is not sure about MVC work at this moment) • Nice to have Visual SourceSafe • Good Communication skills to ask right question to forum for Application documentation