Wonderware SCADA

Posted: 5 months ago

please find below job profile for 'Automation SCADA/PLC Lead'

Location : Bakersfield,CA
Sal : 100-110K + Benefits

Experience – 6 to 8 years (Industrial Exp.)

1. Design, Develop and implement reusable templates, graphics and control & monitoring components using the ArchestrA System Platform.
2. Design, Develop and Implement Wonderware InTouch HMI - Navigation, process graphics, trending, alarm and event displays, user management etc.
3. Design and Develop site reports for Productions, Exceptions, Communications etc.
4. Hands on Experience on Wonderware DAServers and OPC Servers.
5. Hands on Experience on Wonderware Historian Server Historian Client.
6. Hands on experience on ArchestrA Scripting.
7. Hands on experience on PLC Programming
8. Hands on experience on Backup and Recovery of Wonderware applications and configurations.
9. Manage Development of Test Environment and ensure all upgrades, enhancements, new versions are fully tested prior to moving to production
10. Ensure interoperability testing is performed to the fullest extent possible.
11 Assist other groups with testing their equipment software.
12 Solid understanding of Industrial Protocols such as ControlNet,Modbus,OPC,Suitelink etc.., preferably with automation field experience and PLC/SCADA background.
13 Good troubleshooting skills on Wonderware Applications and PLC/SCADA systems.

Technical skills -
1. Wonderware ArchestrA System Platform
2. Wonderware InTouch
3. Wonderware Historian
4. Rockwell PLC programing (RS500/ RS5000)