IT Systems Engineer II

Posted: 3 days ago

“No 3rd party candidates can be submitted for consideration”

Role: Windows Engineer
Location: Reston, VA

CTH with *** or client ? or only contract * Yes with CTL
H1B okay ? or citizen and green card (Please specify)* Only citizen and clearable
US Citizenship: Will client accept alternate submission of Non-US Citizen – YES/ NO* Only citizen and clearable
Local Resident or flexible to accept submittals for job seekers who may need to arrange travel - Local/Flexible* Local only

Prescreen/Phone Screen with CTL IT Service Talent Acquisition Rep: YES/NO * yes
Interview with CTL Manager: Phone/In Person* Yes phone
Potential interview with CTL manager and CTL client: Face to Face* Yes phone or face to face

Top 5 specific skills:

Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Windows AD
Microsoft Azure

Job Summary:

Responsible for day-to-day operations and maintenance (O&M) support of the server and network devices in various customer environments, crisis management, change management, and hands-on technical support. Support may be required on customer premises or from *** facilities. Strong communication skills and must be customer oriented.
Position Objectives:
• In-depth administrative knowledge of MS Windows
• Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and day-to-day operations and maintenance (O&M) support of server, storage and network devices in the environment, crisis management and hands-on technical support
• Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and O&M support of VMware ESXI nodes
• Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and O&M support and management of VMware v-Sphere Update Manager in vCenter and other related VMware applications
• Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and O&M support of web, app, and database servers
• Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and O&M support of monitoring solutions across the supported platforms
• Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and O&M support of Active Directory
• Strong understanding of OS and network security
• O&M application of security updates and quarterly patch management across all systems working closely with customer and internal Industrial Security teams for remediation
• Vulnerability remediation of infrastructure elements working with customer and internal security teams
• Perform incident and change management on all devices and supported operating systems
• Perform maintenance as required
• Customer facing skills: to develop strong relationships with customers and external suppliers, gaining trust and confidence through key skills
• Driving results, meeting deadlines and maximizing opportunities through organization and planning
• Adaptability to achieve maximum effectiveness to support team members and customer needs
• Communication skills, developing and implementing projects from initiation to completion; this also includes system documentation and Runbooks and an understanding of network topologies, schedules, project plans, etc.
• Ability to understand new products in a timely manner
• Field technical readiness
• Must be available for On-call Support
• Willing to travel to client site for meetings and other onsite support
• Willing to work on client site
Essential duties:
• Perform daily review and verification of logs, monitor ticket queues, support maintenance activities, and generally function as a productive contributing member of the team
• Troubleshoot alerts as they occur
• Reliable and dependable for on-call support
• Participate in or perform scheduled maintenance activities which generally occur outside normal business hours
• Field technical readiness (work with vendor or hands on tech)
Understanding of :
• Microsoft Azure Cloud
• Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud)
• RedHat Linux
• Oracle Solaris
• Java for diagnostic and debugging purposes
• Middleware applications
• LAN infrastructure (switches, firewalls, load balancers, etc.)—maintain network environment and apply firewall and load balancer rule changes as requested
Education or Equivalent Experience:
US Citizen and Clearable
A Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience is required. Minimum of 8 years’ experience designing and implementing Windows platforms. Strong ability to define requirements when working with end users, designing solutions. Good ability to build and execute project plans. Good knowledge of systems administration concepts. Good interpersonal skills and strong work ethic.