Operations Technician III

Posted: 3 weeks ago

Top 3 technical skills:
*Routing Protocols – BGP, MPLS, etc
*Networking background – IPSEC Tunnels, VPN, etc
* Remote software deployment and migrations

NOTICE OPS TECH III TECHNICAL QUESTIONS BELOW - IMPORTANT for RECRUITING & INTERVIEWING STAGE - make sure your candidate knows that these will be asked and will need to demonstrate knowledge)
I. Technical
a. IP subnetting
How many IPs in a /27
What does :: mean in IPV6
b. IP routing
Knowledge of BGP
BGP neighbor
How to determine what routes are advetised
Knowledge of OSPF

c. IPSEC tunnels
i. How many phases
ii. How does it establish
iii. troubleshooting
i. What is it
ii. What is it used for
iii. How is it built
iv. How to troubleshoot
i. What is it
ii. How to build it
iii. How to troubleshoot
f. What is more secure
i. Telnet
ii. SSH
iii. HTTP
g. Explain NAT and how its used
h. What is the difference between an access list and a firewall rule
i. How would a 50 50 RT and BUS QoS config be implemented
j. Equipment familiarity

Works on relatively straightforward installation and/or maintenance assignments on network switching equipment. Technician for customer/company network systems installation and/or maintenance activities. Monitors network operations and resolves routine network monitoring problems. Monitors network performance; conducts routine monitoring equipment installation and maintenance activities; resolves routine trouble tickets. Minimum Qualifications: Associate degree or equivalent education and relevant experience. Minimum 3 yrs related experience in specific area or equivalent. May require technical certification.