Senior Network Engineer - Global Network Support

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Technical certification HIGHLY desired:

  • NERC CIP-004
  • Focus on Security:
  • (FWs, IPS, PROXY Devices, VPN Servers, AAA Servers, etc.) and Networking skills (Switches, Routers, Wireless LAN (Access Point + Controllers), Network Services (DNS/DHCP Appliances + WAN Optimizer).
A recap of the requirements with further explanation and clarifications:
  • Confirm the identity of their personnel
  • Perform a 7 year criminal history check
  • Current residence
  • Other locations where, during the seven years immediately prior to the date of the criminal history records check, the subject has resided for six consecutive months or more
  • Vodafone provide an attestation to having a criteria to evaluate criminal history checks
  • Vodafone will commit to providing verification of any of the above upon request within 2 business days.
  • Vodafone must attest that they will provide immediate notification of employee termination
  • Background Check must be repeated every 2 years.
High Impact BES Cyber Systems & their associated:
  • EACMS and PACS
Medium Impact BES Cyber Systems with External Routable connectivity & their associated:
  • EACMS and PACS
Job Description: · Capability required:
  • Detailed technical knowledge of internetworking protocols, technologies and products
  • In depth knowledge of Cisco and other networking products: switches, routers, load balancers, firewalls, AP, DNSs, IP addressing tools...
  • Support and in depth problem analysis, solve complex network or systems faults & problems
  • High degree of customer focus ensuring that customer and business requirements are understood; identify and analyze client requirements and provide technical solutions
  • Implement service enhancements
  • Documentation and design
  • Project Reporting
· SoW
The Senior Network Security Engineer will be a technical reference for the Global Network Support Service, team that operates the global network of Vodafone´s customer.
All Global Network Support team members, including him/her, are responsible of the Service levels commited with the customer.
He/she will be based in customer premises and therefore will have greater knowledge on customer´s local network and processes.
He/she will support the customer´s local Company needs but will also contribute to the Global Support team, he/she will also get support from the Global team.
He/she will:
o Provide an technical escalation source for lower tier support in daily operation (incidents & tasks). Detect and organize occasional knowledge sharing sessions when required.
o Collaborate in customer´s projects: Manage installation, upgrades and application configurations of network technical infrastructure.
o Detect the need and lead service improvements in coordination with Global team.
o Apply high skill with commands, utilities and understand advanced aspects in the engineering and administration of network and security infrastructure.
o Configuration and troubleshooting of routers/switches and Firewall, LAN networking tracing, customer handling
o Resolve difficult interoperability problems to obtain operation across all networking platforms
o Network inventory and documentation, sharing both with customer and Global support team.
o Maintain a highly secure infrastructure, protecting sensitive corporate data from internal and external threats.