Java Developer

Posted: 2 months ago

Job Title: Java Developer
Location: Hoboken , NJ
Duration: Contract or Fulltime
Job Description:
Java Full stack developer having 6+ years of Hands-on experience
MongoDB experience of 3+ year.
Extensively worked on Web Services.
Developed multiple REST APIs
CRUD operations, indexes
Designing and customizing MongoDB applications
Analyzing databases and advising on optimizing performance
Carrying out installation and automation processes
User and role management
Experience of developing/administering MongoDB cluster
Aggregation Pipelines and aggregation Framework
Replica Set concepts, manage and maintain cluster
Query optimization, performance fine-tuning, indexes
Mongo shell, mongod, mongos, config servers
Access patterns' impact, recommendations
Profiling, balancer, chunk movement and custom settings
Debugging and troubleshooting when issues arise
Collaborating with other developers
Personal Skills:
Strong oral and written communication skills
Attention to details
Integrity & Stretch Mindset
Flexible and Teamwork mindset