Cloud Architect DevOps

Posted: 2 months ago

Job Description:
AWS Certified - Solution Architect - Dev Ops, Strong Software Engineering, Tomcat, Migration
experience, Communication leadership skills. Devops skill set with AWS Services. Devops skillset with
AWS services - Understanding the pattern and implementing in Concourse - good enough automation.
30 Jira tasks - security, governance, validating end to end solution.

Landing Zone
• Create VPC Peering Mesh
• Route 53 Adoption
• EKS Landing Zones

Cloud Platform
• Implement full complement of Pipeline, Platform, and Application logging Telemetry - Data Dog
• Splunk, Jmagic integration
• Cloudability and cost management

• Build out Concourse
• Ecosystem of Pipeline health
• Container health management
• Versioning of Pipeline Images
• Spring Boot
• Cloud Formation Native
• Oracle on EC2

• EKS Pilot
• Support wave migrations
• Develop and leverage Inner/Open Source Model