Information Security Analyst - II

Posted: 2 months ago

" Develops and manages the business analysis process during a project life cycle including but not limited to driving and managing business requirements discussions, business and technical requirements and design artifacts
" Identifies system/application data sources, data integration and data flow processes
" Facilitates discussions between stakeholders (technical and non-technical) to ensure requirements and design proposals are well understood and agreed upon
" Analyzes business and technical requirements to prepare the required supporting documentation and artifacts
" Maintains traceability between business design and requirements
" Identify, track, and resolve defects in requirements and business designs
" Performs the analysis of change requests to assess and communicate the impact to the project Contribute to the per-business-area tactical workflow for the unstructured data management strategy
" For each business area, conduct the information gathering needed to plan execution based on the chosen approach across archiving, reorganizing, segregating, re-privileging, etc. Use tool data (e.g., SIQ) where possible to inform the plan.
" Track and, where possible, contend with unique business area requirements. Identify implementation challenges.
" Identify data assets (or containers) that warrant heightened monitoring.
" Support business area on-boarding with SIQ. Gather and collate feedback-as-requirements as the on-board proceeds.


Information Security New York (ISNY) is responsible for providing services that ensure the adequate protection of the Bank's information assets and for minimizing the risks of data confidentiality and integrity exposures.

Degree Type Major/Certification Required Preferred
Bachelor's Degree