Performance tester

Posted: 2 months ago

Job Title: Performance tester
Location : Tampa, Florida
Client: Telecommunication
Rate: $55/hr

· Tester will ensure functionality is working correctly for each user role.
· Verify GUI functionality is working for retrieving health information from network devices, execute backups, run scripts, verify inventories are accurate, password administration tools are working correctly, help pages are up to date and clear.
· Eager to take a redundant task and automate with a script on the backend linux server or using Selenium on front-end.
· Parse log files using linux tools (eg sed, awk, cut, find, uniq, grep) or equivalent language.
· Daily review operations report and identify/communicate potential issues to team.
· Eager to understand how each feature is used in production and how it fits in to the overall big picture
· Troubleshooting issues using curl, snmp and ssh commands and verify resolution.
· Participate in architectural design sessions and product discussions.
· Work collaboratively to provide scalable solutions.
· Working with Agile/SCRUM team setting
· Ability to balance competing priorities in a very dynamic and fast-paced environment.
· Excellent detail-oriented, problem solving skills and the ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts, principles and solutions.
· 6 years of testing client-server applications (Windows and Linux-based)
· 3 years of developing in a language, writing scripts and sql code.
· Experience with testing microservices based applications is a plus.
· Familiarity with telecom applications and protocol like SNMP is a plus.
· Solid database skills in a relational database (i.e. MySQL, etc)
· Strong communication skills.
· Comfortable with JIRA, git, Jenkins and Agile
· Experience with parsing logs using standard linux tools (ie, awk, sed, grep, cut, find, uniq) or equivalent language
· Experience with automating testing of GUI (ie. Selenium).
· Minimum Bachelor's degree in engineering.