Operations Manager

Posted: 2 months ago

Job responsibilities:

This position provides the occasion to collaborate with key stakeholders and to utilize your skills in a vast number of ways while you grow within our robust organization. For the camera or media-tech enthusiast, you will also have access to the latest A/V & P technology available to our consumers with the ability to use generous employee discounts as provided for our valued Client colleagues.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Finding inventive and tactical ways to improve the existing operational structure, together with streamlining various operational processes such as the allocation, tracking and delivery of high-volume & priority orders.
  • Capturing an in-depth understanding of our institutional/product knowledge as well as the main functions associated with each of our Client Distribution Departments, including the Picking, Inventory Management and Quality Assurance Teams.
  • Overseeing all applicable vendors and vendor-functions to confirm that our SLA's/contractual obligations have been met within scope, budget and time.
  • Able to make informed decisions that will ultimately benefit the facility and organization within a fast-paced and often shifting environment.
  • Offering a first-class customer service experience that is in-alignment with our vision for the organization and what Client customers have come to expect.
  • Equitably delegating and distributing workloads, assignments and projects to our distribution facility staff.
  • Effectively creating detailed schedules for facility staff in order to ensure proper coverage, balanced workload, and a streamlined workflow.
  • Responsible for tracking the total departmental labor hours worked by your team and ensuring you do not exceed the annual allotted budget.
  • Studying and standardizing processes and procedures to improve efficiency and accuracy of workers.
  • Properly train and supervise both new and existing employees, including managerial staff, to ensure they have successfully completed their delegated work assignments.
  • Encouraging a healthy and positive work environment by immediately addressing any interdepartmental rifts, misunderstandings or concerns, as well as collaborating effectively with HR in any situation where further disciplinary action or escalated-involvement may be required.
  • Utilizing legal and successful methods for screening, interviewing, selecting and hiring candidates in partnership with our HR Team.
  • Maintaining best–practices in reference to employee relations and staffing in order to reduce turnover and increase retention of top talent.
  • Generating and keeping track of Employee attendance and performance so as to ensure whether both team and individual goals/KPIs have been met, then comparing them to department metrics to determine any operational adjustments that can be made to improve these data-insights.
  • Identifying exceptional performance and rewarding members of your team in order to boost company morale, overall performance and employee satisfaction.
  • Conducting annual performance reviews for applicable staff.
  • Collaborating closely with our Continuous Improvement Director to establish/amend departmental goals & KPIs in addition to resolving any quality control and productivity issues.
  • Meticulously following the legal regulations and company policies put in place for the shipment of any orders that contain industrial or hazardous material to our customers or other facilities and confirming that all safety protocols have been met in reference to the handling and fulfillment of these orders.
  • This is a role that is accountable to both our people and our processes, hence the need for a responsible and capable individual with superior communication skills for this role; please also remember that as a position that requires effective collaboration with people across many levels, we are looking for someone who really understands the value of employee relations and interpersonal skills.
  • Bilingual or at least basic conversational Spanish and English are required in order for us to continue providing the best services we can to our clients/customers and staff.
  • Other applicable duties not enumerated therein may be assigned based on business needs.
  • At least 3 years of supervisory experience with more than 1 direct-report.
  • A minimum of an A.A. Degree within a related field (Business Administration, Marketing etc.).
  • 3+ years' experience within a distribution center or shipping facility.
  • 2+ years' managerial experience with budgets, inventory, workflow, large teams.
  • 3+ years' experience working within an e-commerce/ retail facility or organization.
  • Bilingual with very strong English communication skills and at least conversational Spanish.
  • Experience working with UPS, FedEx, or other carriers.
  • 2+ years of Supply Chain Management experience.
  • Knowledge using material handling equipment is a plus.