Database/ Support Developer

Posted: 2 months ago

* Analyze architecture, including relationship between database tables and relationships of business data stored
* Analyze database design to understand impact on performance
* Recommend target database solution based on business and/or technical requirements such as RDBMS vs. No SQL database
* Create high-performing database designs/code to retrieve large datasets and optimize system resources
* Tune poor performing SQL to run at optimized levels; exercise intermediate to advance practices to identify poorly performing code and identify areas to improve it
* Demonstrate capability to write DDL and SQL of low to medium complexity
* Execute database statements from Java code, including SQL statements, prepared statements, and stored procedures
* Analyze data, automate monitoring of very large datasets to identify data anomalies early to minimize impact to customer facing data, and write code to reconcile
* Encrypt data to restrict visibility of sensitive information
* Manage database updates across lower environments

* Create and execute test plan to exercise functional and technical requirements.

Release Support
* Verifying database schema and data patches applied correctly
* Monitoring database activity and log activity during release testing
* Investigate issues found during a release, assess customer and system impacts

* Development experience with
- Oracle 10g
- PostgreSql
* Database development IDE (Toad, Oracle SQL Developer, or other)
* SQL, DDL, Explain plan analysis
* Experience with all phases of the Software Development Life cycle, including system analysis, design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills
* Team player, collaborative
* Delivers excellent quality of code and documentation
* Critical thinker, good problem solver
* Can deliver assigned work independently

* Cassandra design, development experience
* Elastic design, development experience
* Java
* OOM framework

EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONS: BS in computer science, information systems, or other technical field is a plus but not required