Resiliency Architect

Posted: 3 months ago

Drive Resiliency Design and Implementation; dive deep and be a leader
Lead and mentor a team and provide direction with strategy, design and implementation
Take a proactive and hands-on approach in driving projects
Frame large-scale enterprise-wide IT transformation initiatives, including
o Technical solution architecture,
o Future-state infrastructure architecture
o Integration of broad range of multi-vendor IT products and solutions across the entire App/IT stack
o Strategic IT transition and transformational roadmaps
o Driving client-facing "solution selling” workshops
Provide leadership, mentorship and subject matter expertise to clients in the delivery of enterprise private and hybrid cloud solutions
Collaborate with peers within the different Consulting Architecture teams to share lessons learned
Actively participate and engage with peers to establish and drive consistent standards & methods by organizing all related delivery assets and enablers for global consumption and consistency

Required Experience:
• Proven experience as Enterprise Architect for global organizations leading design of IT Resiliency Transformation initiatives and outcomes
• Strong understanding of broad range of technologies and the entire IT stack (Applications, Databases, Compute, Network, Storage, Tier 0 services) and the integration of these technologies to drive Resiliency outcomes.
• History of identifying gaps, updating legacy technology and mindsets, and organizational structure
• Experience with multiple data center strategies and driving different availability and recovery strategies such as Continuous Availability, Active-Active, Active-Passive etc
• Experience with DR testing (Network design, Table tops and full system tests)
• Experience with modern technologies, agile engineering methodology and agile culture
• Experience translating white board activities into high quality documentation (PowerPoint, Visio, MS word etc)
• Experience with IT leadership roles and working understanding of effective organization design and metrics
• Experience with integrating Resiliency strategies for both Legacy and modern multi-cloud architectures such as IBM Mainframe, Open systems, VMWARE, Azure, micro-services and API-based architecture
• Experience with creating Strategy alternatives and Bill of Materials
• Proven experience in communications with executive leadership
• Experience with development of metrics dashboards helpful