Data Analyst

Posted: 2 months ago


Job Description

The Data Analyst will have a solid foundation with data management including superior skills in Excel, Power BI, SQL queries, PowerShell and Reporting via Power BI. The Analyst will generate reports on a regular basis and may be required to produce specialized ad-hoc reporting. Their primary role will be to prepare migration lists for the rollout of the Exchange 2016 platform and maintain/apply changes per the feedback and direction from other team members on the Migration Deployment Coordination (MDC) team. The Analyst will report to the Messaging PdM Data Analyst and will interact with the Exchange Ops Lead and Data-Base SMEs in Ops and Development.

The work will be as below :

  1. Input to Scope of Work for the Migration Deployment Coordinators/ Analysts:
    1. Skills: Excel, Power BI, SQL queries, PowerShell, Reporting via Power BI, and client interaction.
    2. Exchange Planning , Updates, Reporting:
      1. Refresh the master-list, current frequency is 1/wk (~5hrs/each-refresh), however it's happened more often as well. This will include:
        1. Do a sanity check of latest source data and chase down any owners of golden source data that are overdue or appear to show incorrect data based on history.
        2. Apply one-off requests if they are still allowed.
        3. Refresh the current active email population master list and schedule;
          1. Identifying Ex2016 and Ex2010 users, etc..
          2. Apply any changes to selection criteria
          3. Add signup users every week
          4. Identify exclusions,
          5. Remove Hidden/Termed/Not eligible,
          6. Add eligible users that are ready, into migration schedules when DC's are available
        4. Notify the users that did not migrate the week of their notification to be migrated, but have been put aside until service impacting issues are resolved
        5. Respoond to user queries why their migrations did not occur
        6. Create clean weekly Migration Schedules for:
          1. Pilots,
          2. Special tests (ie Application and Generic shared mailboxes)
          3. General migrations for eligible users
          4. Coordinate with Lead PM migrations for Delegate and Manager and for users without
          5. Assign Sign-up users into migrations fitting a ###.1, as it relates to migration schedules for NAM batches or global migrations
          6. Provide final list of general and sign-up users to be notified by MarCom for notifications to be sent 10 days prior.
        7. Balance the weekly migration numbers so that it meets agreed capacity targets (~12000/wk/globally) according to capacity and advise of Lead PM
          1. Include users when DCs become available sooner
          2. Assign new Hires to migration batches to stick within agreed capacity, if the New Hire process is not already automatically adding new users to Ex2016
        8. Generate tailored Migration Schedules (ie. All MDs and Dir's in NAM, etc..)
        9. Generate 'Clean-up' migration schedules for users previously excluded and overdue but now eligible to migrate
    3. Update Dashboard Reporting (currently using Power BI) and post a weekly progress report in Power BI and PDF formats available for a wider audience