Service Delivery Assoc 2

Posted: 1 week ago

Top Skills:

SQL Server/SQL Reporting Services, Excel (Advanced with Macros), Some level of experience with Reporting (maybe other reporting tools)

Job Description:

· Role Purpose Design, develop, deliver and support operational and client-facing reporting.

Key Responsibilities/Outcomes:

· Translate business requirements into a technical plan of approach

· Advise the business on the technical merits and risks of proposed or requested technical solutions

· Ensure reporting quality and compliance with ISO standards.

· Evaluate reporting requests submitted by colleagues and clients on operational and technical merits

· Prioritize, schedule, and implement approved reporting requests o Requirements definition

· Design and development of new reports

· Changes to existing reports or reporting setup

· Answer questions from colleagues related to reports or reporting processes

· Use ad-hoc reporting to help colleagues solve problems

· Verify success of report generation/distribution routines and troubleshoot problems

· Help colleagues to specifically define unclear change requests

· Identify methods by which the reporting activity can work more effectively, reliably, or efficiently

· Active participation in ongoing quality initiatives at the desired level, considering all relevant objectives, policies, and procedures.

· Work with Global Reporting Team and English on Global Initiatives

Related Definitions:


Information distributed by Reporting and any associated formatting or design Reporting:

· Consolidation and distribution of information from an electronically accessible source of data to one or more parties.

· Also used to refer to the tools required to produce a report and the medium by which the report is distributed, including but not limited to online reporting, printed reports, report files in formats such as PDF, Word, and Excel, data warehouses, reporting applications, and macros.

Key Qualifications:

· General technical background with some business experience.

· Working knowledge of SQL, Excel, VBA, Microsoft BI, and analytic skills, client-oriented approach, self-motivation, team player, problem-solver.

· Knowledge of managed service desk performance indicators, ITIL/Service Management metrics, and definitions.

· Previous experience with any business intelligence tool would be beneficial (Cognos, crystal reports/business objects).

· English writing/speaking is also desirable as the person will be part of a Global Team.

Job Specific Skills Technical:

· SQL Server, SQL, Excel, Access, VBA, Microsoft BI/Reporting Services, Microsoft Power BI (desired)


· Communication, project management, Attention to detail, time management, innovation, reliability.

· Technical skills listed are currently applicable but are not fixed.

· As new skills are required or useful, training will be made available.

· Other technical skills not listed but already possessed by the candidate are advantageous