Azure Architect

Posted: 3 months ago

Azure Architect

Richmond, VA

Full time

Job Responsibilities:

" Assist in configuring up to four Microsoft Azure subscriptions
" Assist in the creation of a high level architectural diagram describing the Solution
" Assist in providing knowledge transfer to the Advocate team on the creation and Automation of ARM templates and play book creation
" Assist in the development of an as-built documentation set of the Cloud detailing the design aspects that have been implemented and initial operational procedures for managing the environment.
" Provides recommendations for appropriate supporting technologies for projects and design relationships for cloud deployed solutions.
" Reviews and Analyzes technical and business requirements and DETERMINES the approach required for defining a standard architecture pattern/solution through proof of concept and documentation.
" Analyzes problems in terms of systems and programming requirements and MODIFIES the architectural approach and design.
" Demonstrates strong proficiency in internal and external system design and cloud operations.
" prepares a definition of the problem together with recommendation for the technical and cloud/application architecture changes.
" Codes, debugs, tests, documents, and supports cloud architecture solutions and centralized DevOps solutions.
" Prepares plan and estimates for work tasks and tracks progress.
Azure PowerShell