Data Analyst- Remote

Posted: 1 week ago

Job Role: Data Analyst
Job Location: Remote

EX-AT&T preferred

Look for Data analysis, MS-Access and Excel Skills with experience and in case the resources has previous AT&T Experience that would be good- AT&T is not looking for Programming experience as some of the resources earlier had, as they fear resources would not put their best for this Non-Technical Job.

  1. Work with operations team in order to meet business unit objectives with the current source data.
  2. Ability to work with large volumes of data, with strong knowledge in ACCESS and Excel
  3. Review Records analyze and cleanse for accuracy to structures, NAICS codes and D&B information and any additional requirements set forth by the client.
  4. Analyze data for completeness on items such as Address street and zip code information
  5. Scrub data for duplication and need for additional records
  6. Provide written feedback for future improvements on the data as anomalies to the requirements may be found in order for appropriate updates to be made and future requirements changes to meet all needs. Feedback will be provided in weekly and monthly stewardship team meetings with the AT&T Sales Operations leads managing the team. Expectation is that the reporting and trending the supplier could process insights into the data.
Ensure data is in proper format for any hand off to systems such as SAART, ROME, and Sales Force, etc. used by the client sales teams.